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Singlerellas Singlefellas Law Firm

Scope of Work

Visual Identity
Brand Messaging
Logo Design
Stationery Design
Poster Design
Black minors are often misrepresented or underrepresented in the justice system. Ms. Brenda wanted to solve this by forming a law firm built on God's pure justice.

About The Brand

'Singlerellas Singlefellas' is a law firm that specializes is properly represented black families and minors who are too often misrepresented and under-represented.

Her goal was to build a law firm that truly represents the love and justice of God.

Logo Design

The logo icon was designed as an emblem powerfully representing the values of the Brand: Love, Justice, and Defense. The icon consists of four primary elements:


The top of a pillar, the shape well-known for the foundation

of courthouses and representing justice.


A Shield representing legal protection and the defense of both our future generations and the legacy of a just nation.


A heart representing the compassion that drives the vision to

help those in need and compel others to show compassion.


Two heart shaped letter S’s representing compassion and the Business Name, 'Singlerellas Singlefellas'

Brand Colors

The Brand's colors were selected to both fit the industry of legal protection with its deep Prussian Blue, and embody compassion with its bright Mojo Red.

Stationery Design

Messaging and Marketing

We created the messaging for Singlerellas to strike the hearts of families and anyone who has ever been mistreated. The copy uses allusions to Biblical quotes on love, justice, and protection.

Thank you so much for enjoying this case study! God bless you!

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