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Nori B. Closet

Scope of Work

Visual Identity
Brand Messaging
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Social Media Design
Brand Style Guide
Website Hero Image concept
THE BRIEF "I am starting a kids online store for my daughter and I’m looking for a clean, simplistic, fun, girly kid friendly logo" THE SOLUTION Create an unforgettable and logo and visual identity that will appeal to children and parents.

Logo Design Philosophy

The Nori B Logo was designed with the brand's keywords in mind:

Fun / Girly / Empowering / Inspiring

The font uses a customized typeface. The letter B is a butterfly landing on the letter 'i' causing it to tilt over, adding to the fun, childlike quirkiness of the brand.

The alternate logos follow the same philosophy, and are usable in spaces of different shapes and sizes while also functioning as stickers to further extend the customer connection and brand memorability.

Brand Typography (Font Usage)

The fonts for Nori B. are fun, readable, and effective. They have much versatility across both web and print mediums:

Brand Colors

The color palette is robust and very modular. Pink and purple function as the primary colors, while shades of teal and yellow compliment them. Altogether, these colors emit an incredibly fun, playful, and engaging presence.

Brand Patterns and Illustrations

Brand Patterns are incredibly useful and necessary for brands that sell physical products. They immediately leave an impression with your customer and make your brand unforgettable.

The illustrations used for the Brand Patterns for Nori B. consist of icons and symbols that embody the Brand's keywords. The symbols are:

-Nori, the princess (further empowering young girls)

-Butterflies (encouraging transformation and growth)

-Sunflowers (representing beauty and identity)

-Hearts (spreading love)

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