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Scope of Work

Logo Design, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Website Design, Pattern Design,
THE PROBLEM Bloooom is launching an eco-friendly cleaning supply line. Their impressive product not only cleans almost any surface - it’s also completely free of chemicals. Brand keywords: - Minimalistic - High-end - Quality THE SOLUTION JFoster Designs created a visual identity for Bloooom that was modern, minimal, and versatile across all mediums.

The first design challenge to solve was finding a way to depict that Brand's long name in a way that was both creative and effective. There is a trend in modern typography to stretch letters, but this would have been quite cliche. While exploring letterforms, I found that trimming one corner of the letter 'O' created a leaf-like shape. Four letter O's stacked together just right created a blooming flower structure, sprouting a Logo Icon that perfectly represents the brand name:

The icon is extremely versatile, working both in its standard form as well as a filled-in variation. These two forms and there smaller components, function as picture frames, parts of brand patterns, website buttons, and more:

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