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3 Website Mistakes to Avoid

Sistahs’ Sweets is one of Baltimore City’s most popular cupcake food trucks,

but an outdated and hard-to-use website was hindering their growth. Here are three mistakes their old site made, and how you can avoid them when designing your own site.

Female business owner frustrated with website design

1. No Visual Hierarchy

The old website failed to prioritize the most important action for customers: online ordering. Despite online orders driving the majority of their sales, the "Online Ordering" button blended in with other elements on the page, causing confusion for visitors.

Screenshot of old Sistahs' Sweets Website Homepage design


We strategically placed the "Ordering Online" button both as a standalone feature and within the header menu, making it impossible to miss. By giving prominence to the ordering process, we streamlined the customer journey and significantly improved user experience.

Screenshot of new Sistahs' Sweets Website Homepage design by JFoster Designs

2) No Page Journey

A successful homepage should guide visitors seamlessly from interest to conversion. However, the previous homepage lacked engagement, featuring only a slideshow of images for the Hero section, along with some customer reviews.

Screenshot of old Sistahs' Sweets Website Homepage journey design


We transformed the homepage into an immersive experience by incorporating a video showcasing happy customers enjoying Sistahs’ Sweets cupcakes, accompanied by a warm, inviting image of the owners. Additionally, we introduced a dynamic list of weekly featured cupcakes that animated as visitors scrolled down the page, enticing them to explore further and ultimately make a purchase.

Screenshot of new Sistahs' Sweets Website Homepage journey design by JFoster Designs

3) Lack of Brand Consistency Across Pages

The original website lacked cohesive branding, with generic design elements that failed to capture the essence of Sistahs’ Sweets. The pages also had no rhyme or rhythm to their design and structure.

Screenshot of old Sistahs' Sweets Website Pages design


We infused every page with a consistent design style inspired by the artistry of cupcake-making. From intricate icing lines to dripping frosting motifs and a bespoke cupcake brand pattern, every aspect of the website now reflects the unique identity of Sistahs’ Sweets. This cohesive branding strategy not only enhances visual appeal but also strengthens brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Screenshot of new Sistahs' Sweets Website Pages design by JFoster Designs

Make Your Website Matter

In conclusion, the transformation of Sistahs’ Sweets’ website shows the importance of strategic design in maximizing your online impact. By addressing common pitfalls such as visual hierarchy, homepage engagement, and brand consistency, we were able to elevate their online presence and drive tangible business results.

As a Baltimore-based expert in branding, graphic design, and website design, JFoster Designs are committed to helping businesses like Sistahs’ Sweets and yours thrive in the digital landscape.

If you're ready to take your brand to the next level, contact JFoster Designs today for personalized design solutions tailored to your unique vision and goals. Let's turn your online presence into a powerful asset that drives growth and success.

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